To find your Opportunity Management Report, click on the left side menu Reports, and under the Operations sub heading you will find it!

The headers of this report will change depending on the filters that are applied to it. If you click on the gears icon on the top right, it will give you the filters option. If you want to export this report, you will also find it as an option after clicking the gears icon.

The difference between Total Value and Weighted Vale is as follows: 

  • Total Value - is the combined amount of order totals in the results listed below.

  • Weighted Value - if you are using our CRM and Pipelines you are aware that you can enter a closing probability by a percentage for an order. So that closing percentage against the order total is your Weighted Value. 

The Average Days Since Last Update is taken from the results listed below, which is an average of those orders since they have been changed. If you click on one of the results you will see a line that gives this information on a per order basis. 

The Filter Options:

If you have a report that you always run and need to apply the same filters, you can create a filter template! You can do this by first selecting all of your filters, and then at the top simply write the name of your template on the "Template*" line. 

After you click the checkmark to save, you will be able to click the little arrow at the top beside where you wrote the name and selected the desired template.

The following are the columns that are included on the export of this report:

  • Customer ID 

  • First Name 

  • Last Name 

  • Business Name 

  • Email Address 

  • Phone Number 

  • Country 

  • Province 

  • City 

  • Zip Code 

  • Pipeline 

  • Pipeline Status 

  • Action Name 

  • Created By

  • First Name 

  • Created By 

  • Last Name 

  • Assignee First Name

  • Assignee Last Name

  • Owner First Name 

  • Owner Last Name

  • Order Number 

  • Quote Created Date 

  • Rental/Service Start Date 

  • Rental End Date 

  • Converted Date 

  • Franchise 

  • Order Total 

  • Order Sub Total 

  • Balance Owing 

  • Tax Amount 

  • Completed_on 

  • Weighted Value 

  • Resolution 

  • Order State 

  • Recurring Orders   

  • Products with Quantity

When you export this report and open it in Excel you will notice that the products are included. They are all placed in the same column and the quantity on the order is in (brackets) and separated by a "comma". If you click on the column header to highlight it, you can run a quick formula to "split text into columns" and that will separate all of the products. 

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