Vehicles can break, locations can have unscheduled or scheduled hours. You need to be able to accommodate these daily changes! 

To do this you'll need to jump into your Global Settings! If you are unsure how, take a look at our article on How Do I Create Business Assets below.

In your Global Settings? Great! We're going to use Mobile Units as our example, so click on the heading Mobile Units. 

From here you'll see a list of the vehicles you have available to your location(s). To edit your vehicle's availability or schedule click on the 

This will take you to our Asset Availability screen. This page provides the availability moving forward for your asset with each line representing 2 weeks. Clicking the edit button on one of the weeks will open the Schedule Interface for the selected vehicle. This page will allow you to set your vehicle's availability day to day and for all 24 hours each day. Set your availability, and don't forget to hit Save!

Great! Now you wont overbook or schedule anything outside of your working hours! Plan far ahead to make sure you stay on top of everything and that nothing, and no one, slips through the cracks! 

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