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How can I find a list of my specific jobs?

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When you click into your order list, you will see a number of different little bits of information. It might look overwhelming when you first see all this info, but fear not!
You can easily customize the views to reflect only what is important to your business, and save your views to access anytime you click into you Orders List. 

Check out the cool ways you can customize your views: 

You can drag and drop your columns: 

You can select only the columns you wish to see, and save that view: 

We have built in 4 views that we think you will love - they are found in the Showing Tab, select the one you want and we will filter it for you! 

Your built-in views are: 

  • To do this week (Your jobs scheduled this week), 

  • Who owes me money (jobs which are completed but have an outstanding balance) 

  • Incomplete Jobs (jobs which are past their service date, but are uncompleted)

  • And quotes (your quotes in the system)

We have made your views so easy to export as well! Once have created the view you wish to see in spreadsheet format, simply click on options, and then select export and you will see all the info you want, and none that you don't! 


You can search your order list by order number, by customer name, by completed orders, and many other ways! Check it out!  Click into the search area and have a look around! 

As always, chat into our awesome support team with any questions you might have! 

Have an awesome day! 

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