How do I Convert a Quote/Estimate to an Open Sale

Create a work order from a quote, change the status of a quote to a confirmed job.

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There are a few really quick and easy ways to convert a quote or estimate to an open sale or scheduled event!

  1. We can do this right from your Order List or Jobs List! Check this out! 

Click on your Order or Jobs list, find your job, then simply click on the little pencil icon. 

TA DAAAA! You will now see the option, in any order that contains cart items, to Convert To Open, see? 

And just like that, it's done! 

*While we're here together, don't forget you can search your Order List/Job List by order number, name, business name and much more! 

      2. When you are looking at your customer's order, there is an awesome button in the top left hand corner that will say "Quote" or "Estimate" with a little arrow:

Click on the arrow and PRESTO! You can choose to "Open" (or retire) your Quote or Estimate. 

3.  If you have Bulk-Actions turned on for your Jobs/Orders list page, you can quickly change the status of multiple orders simultaneously by selecting the check-boxes next to each order and then clicking the 'change status' button!

If you are dealing with inventory, the order state (Quote or Open) affects inventory in the following way: 

As always, chat in with any questions and we will be here for you! 

Have an awesome day! 

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