We believe in the decentralized fashion industry where we can all participate, co-creating the wardrobe of the metaverse. The Fabricant Studio is the tool where you can Co-Create, Trade and Wear digital fashion. It is the first step in our journey to make a more equitable, creative and sustainable fashion industry.

How does the platform work?

The Three Key Parts of The Fabricant Studio


Where Co-creators can come to the platform to customize and co create their own digital fashion NFT using the garment blocks and materials. This will be an invite only access and we will be inviting people from across fashion, digital fashion, crypto and gaming. As a material collaborator you will also be able to invite people to the experience. The minting will be free for Season 1.

After Season 1 and 2 we are hoping we can open up all parts of the platform to the public.


Once the combinations are minted people will be able to trade them on our marketplace with each other. All you need to trade is to go to our site and connect a Blocto Wallet. The currency we accept is FLOW.

Learn more about the marketplace here.


For Season 1 we are working to find ways to take your NFT garment and see it in real life (i.e. AR filters, dress an image) or wear it in the Metaverse (i.e. Sandbox or Decentraland). More on this to come, so stay tuned!

What are Seasons?

Every three months, we will host a new fashion season. A new set of designers and brands will drop new hero items to be co-created by the community of fashion lovers. Participating in the co-creation is invitation only.

The Creator Roles

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