How do I add funds to my wallet?

This article will tell you how to purchase $FLOW currency for use in The Fabricant Studio.

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If you don't have a Blocto wallet already, you will need to get one. You can follow the instructions here.

You can then purchase FLOW within your Blocto mobile app or through the Flow Port, or you can simply purchase it directly within The Fabricant Studio platform. Alternatively, you can purchase FLOW on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Kraken-- you will then need to send the FLOW from the exchange to your Blocto wallet. Depending on where you live, you may not have access to all of these exchanges, so we aim to provide a comprehensive overview with different options in this article. Keep reading for all the different ways you can add funds!

Buy FLOW with Moonpay

The purchase FLOW in our platform, simply connect your Blocto wallet. Then click 'ADD FLOW'. You will then be redirected to Moonpay where you will be prompted to either sign up or login to complete your FLOW purchase with the credit card of your choice.

You will be prompted to sign in or create a Moonpay account if you have never used it before. Please note that Moonpay charges a 4.5% fee when purchasing cryptocurrency. You will receive your FLOW tokens directly to your Blocto wallet for use in the marketplace or for minting an item.

NOTE: Please check this article to see if your country supports credit card payments on MoonPay:

Buy FLOW on Binance

You can buy FLOW on Binance . Please note that if you are a US citizen or based in the US, you will need to use Binance US.

After you purchase FLOW on Binance you will need to send it to your Blocto wallet!

Buy FLOW on ByBit Exchange

Head over to ByBit to purchase FLOW. After you purchase FLOW, you will need to send it to your Blocto wallet in order to use it on The Fabricant Studio platform.

Buy FLOW on Kraken

You can also buy FLOW on Kraken exchange. You'll need to send your FLOW from the exchange to your Blocto wallet when you're done in order to use it in our platform.

Buy FLOW on Coinbase

Head over to Coinbase to purchase FLOW directly with a credit card or bank account. There may be some KYC processes you need to complete before you are able to purchase FLOW in Coinbase, so be sure to get it set up early so you're ready to go. You will need to send your FLOW to your Blocto wallet address afterwards in order to use it in our platform!

Our frens at Flowverse have also created an article for adding FLOW funds to your wallet, check it out here:

Buy FLOW with SimpleSwap

Head on over to SimpleSwap to convert your preferred cryptocurrency to FLOW:

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