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How can I get set up on The Fabricant Marketplace?
How can I get set up on The Fabricant Marketplace?
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What do I need to participate in The Fabricant Marketplace?

The Fabricant Marketplace is built on the Flow blockchain and FLOW tokens are the currency for all items bought and sold. You will need a Blocto wallet where you can buy FLOW and connect to The Fabricant Marketplace. If you don't have a Blocto Wallet/Fabricant profile, feel free to check out our article here.

All transaction fees on Flow are very low, so you don't need to worry about gas fees when trading digital fashion NFTs.

Getting set up on The Fabricant Marketplace

In order to connect your Blocto wallet to the marketplace you will need to click ‘Sign In’ and then 'Confirm' log in.

As soon as you log in, you can click on 'My Profile' under the Profile Icon at the top-right and now you're successfully logged in!

Add Flow funds if you need to, and then you're ready to trade on the marketplace!

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