This Season in The Fabricant Studio, you can create, trade, and wear unique digital fashion NFTs from 2 amazing women-led projects: Stephy Fung and World of Women.

The collections will drop individually on the platform. Stephy Fung’s Zodiac Wardrobe Collection 🧧 will drop first and opens for minting on Friday April 15 at 6PM CET.

Everyone who mints a Zodiac Wardrobe NFT or buys one from the Marketplace will have automatic access to the mintlist for the World of Women drop.

Stephy Fung’s Zodiac Wardrobe Collection

Stephy Fung Mint period: April 15 — April 22
Mint price: 15 FLOW
Each wallet can mint up to 5 items.

The Zodiac Wardrobe Collection 🧧 contains 12 garments, 15 materials from 7 different creators and 35,000 unique combinations. The collection takes inspiration from the Chinese Zodiac and revolves around the race to the Heavenly Gate that sets the order of the 12 zodiac signs.

Key dates for the Zodiac Wardrobe are:

  • April 11 — Creator will open for people to connect a wallet and try out all the different combinations and find your favourites

  • April 15 — Minting will open for users that have access to mint up to 5 items

  • April 22 — Minting closes

  • April 29 — All items will be revealed and we’ll host a special reveal stream

  • May 5 — Red Envelope drop to unlock exclusive rewards

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