The Fabricant Studio NFT Holders

If you are a creator, co-creator or current holder of an NFT from our Season 0 or Season 1 collections you will automatically get access to mint.

If you are not currently a holder you can head over to the marketplace to purchase an NFT!

FlowFest NFTs from Starly Mystery Pack

If you participated in the Flowfest Starly Mystery Pack and received one of our 2 NFTs you will get access automatically when you connect your wallet. If you are the current holder of an NFT you will be prompted to authorize it for access to Season 02.


If you provided your Blocto wallet to one of our Creators or to our Flow partners before April 11 you will have access when you connect your wallet.

All of our designers have 100 mintlist spots available. You can find them below.

Garment Designers:

Fabric Designers:

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