What does it mean to be a creator on the platform?

Retaining your IP and being rewarded continuously for your work

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For Season 2, we decided to open up the process to become a material or garment creator to everyone! For previous collections, we were approaching creators, but after many people in our community expressed interest in being part of it, we wanted to give anyone the opportunity to apply to participate.

Any designs submitted to us are NOT our intellectual property (IP) and will always remain the IP of the creator. Once you are part of the collection, you will be paid directly for mint, primary, and secondary sales.

Creators receive 45% of the mint price (15 FLOW) every time something is minted with their designs.

Additionally, in The Fabricant Marketplace, creators maintain full control over their items and receive royalties when items are sold. Here's a breakdown of how royalties work for primary and secondary sales on the marketplace:

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