There are a few ways you can get access to World of Women campaign in The Fabricant Studio. Minting for WoW will open in early June, so stay tuned on our Twitter for more updates. Each wallet will have 27 mints for this collection.

WoW Holders

WoW holders have received a special NFT 3d look airdrop to their wallet on April 18th. Once minting opens in early June, WoW holders just need to connect their Blocto wallets to The Fabricant Studio to have access to the season as well as 1 free mint!

WoW Galaxy Holders

If you're a Wow Galaxy Holder, congratulations-- you have access to Co-Create a unique WoW NFT garment and you also get 1 free mint!

Pink Purse NFT Pass Holders

You are eligible to receive the Pink Crypto Purse NFT access drop on June 20th IF you are:

  • a member of one of the select partner projects that is promoting Women's inclusion in Web3.

  • someone who participated in Season 0 or Season 1

  • someone who bought something on The Fabricant Marketplace before May 30th

You will receive something that looks like this to your Blocto wallet address:

Once you hold the Pink Purse Pass in your Blocto wallet, all you need to do is connect your wallet to The Fabricant Studio, and voilá you'll be in and ready to mint! Everyone who holds the Pink Purse Pass gets 1 free mint.

Check out this article on how to add funds to your Blocto wallet in order to mint or trade on the marketplace.

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