For every item you mint over 1, you will get the corresponding wearable in Decentraland.

For the World of Women collection, we wanted to offer some special rewards for our CoCreators. We made the full original collection as wearables in Decentraland including character and hair.


  • These are not the custom combination you create but a multi-edition item based on the WoW originals collection

  • You need to mint more than one - the price per mint is 15 FLOW after the first free one

  • It's only for items you mint - not for items you buy on the marketplace

  • The wearables will be distributed after the mint - we will send an email to all cocreators to collect their ETH wallet in order to distribute it will not be automatically sent to you.

  • The wearable is a full character and you can customize skin tone in Decentraland

  • All wearables are a female body shape

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