Your garment has been revealed… what’s next?

We’re selecting TWO more people from our community to be digitally dressed in their #WoWFashion garments! For a chance to win, we want to see your creativity!

Whether you minted 1 or 27 garments, tell us about your collection through a visual moodboard (see example by @miumiutini below).

How do I submit?

🎨 Share your creation on Twitter using #FabMoodboard

🎨 Deadline: August 12 at 4pm CET. We will announce the winners on August 15

Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

✨ Read the lore and inspiration behind the fabrics you selected on

✨ Imagine where you would wear your garment and include pictures of the environment ~ think BIG!

✨ Think about the aura of your co-creation. What is the vibe? What impression does it have on other people when they’re around you? Maybe even give it a name Barbiecore


📖 You must own the co-creation in your moodboard or obtain permission from the owner to use their NFT

📖 You will need to provide a picture of yourself for us to dress based on the guidelines we will share with you

In co-creating garments to build the wardrobe of the metaverse, each contributor becomes part of their NFT’s origin story. What is yours?

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