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What are XXories?
What are XXories?
Written by John Newell
Updated over a week ago

The XXories collection is the first chapter of WHOLELAND and your access-token to enter and participate in the co-creation drops.

The XXories collection is made of 7 digital fashion items.

  1. BULLISH EARRING - Do you take life by the horns? Do you express your excitement to the fullest of your capabilities or do you still lack the dare to do so? Inspired by club posters of the 90s, these earrings will give you endless enthusiasm about anything that comes your way.

  2. DRIPPING GLASSES - Do you have the drip? Or are you still struggling with accepting the beauty that you are? These glasses give you endless drip to feed on, so it helps you understand how much drip you actually have. Own the juiciness and live it fully.

  3. BLOOM EARRINGS - Struggle with showing your most honest and raw self? Afraid to cast shadows on the people around you by fully embodying yourself? These earring help you bloom your greatest self, by shining your light. Not to dim others’ but to show them the way, leading by example, so everyone else can shine their light too.

  4. NOSE CHAINS - Wounds need healing. Give yourself the time to feel into your hurt. These plaster face chains give you the power to heal your wounds with care, so they won’t rip open again every time someone touches them. You are in control of your own healing process.

  5. PEARL TEARS - Trying to hide your tears? Afraid to be seen expressing your emotions? Your vulnerability is your greatest power. Showing this will get you out of your victim behaviour and show you that your vulnerability is the most beautiful thing you can wear. Now go out and wear it like a crown.

  6. BULL OORIJZER - Are you always playing by the rules? These oorijzers will give you a devilish complexion that allows you to be a little naughty sometimes. See it as a part of you to break some of the containers you have been put in. Break free.

  7. SNAKE EARS - Knowledge is power. Free yourself from the chains of how other people think you should live. Live your own life. Eve got the apple from Lilith, Adam’s first wife who wouldn’t comply to his rules and wanted to be equal. Find the strength in yourself to say no and state your boundaries.

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