How to check if you have access to the XXories drop?
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To check whether or not you have access, we have created the XXories Access Checker which allows you to see your access status while keeping your wallet address private:

You can also find the tutorial video here:

Here are the steps to follow if you want to check your access:

  1. Open the dashboard on your desktop/mobile/tablet.

  2. Copy your Ethereum/Flow wallet address.

  3. Convert your wallet address to lowercase using this tool. This is applicable for Ethereum addresses only, if the wallet address is not in lowercase then the tool will not work.

  4. Input your wallet address in the appropriate tabs. Example, if it's a Flow wallet please use the Flow Wallet section, and if it is an Ethereum wallet use the ETH Wallet Section.

  5. Click enter once you've inputted the wallet address and you will be able to see the result. Example:

In case you do not have access, the result will appear as No Data as you can see in the image below.

The tool is being updated everyday with new wallet addresses, so if your wallet does not appear - please check back later or contact us on Twitter/Discord.

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