How to mint your XXorie?
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To mint your XXorie, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign Inusing your Blocto wallet (note: you need to use the wallet that you used to buy/create a TF NFT from previous seasons, or the wallet you used while claiming your partner community spot). You will not be able to start the minting process without signing in

  2. Click Confirm on the popup to successfully connect your wallet

  3. Once connected, click on the Mint Now button as seen in the first screenshot.

  4. You will now see another popup confirming you have access, click on the Mint Now button on the popup to enter the minting page.

  5. Enjoy the visual experience of The Forbidden Fruit as the mint page loads! Once done, a mint button will appear as seen in the screenshot below. Click on the Mint button

  6. Choose the method you want to pay with - you can pay with Credit Card (via Moonpay) or with your FLOW balance in your wallet. Please visit this article to learn more on how to add funds to your FLOW wallet.

  7. A Blocto popup will appear asking you to approve the transaction, click on the Approve button as seen in the screenshot below

Congratulations, you've now successfully minted your XXorie!

Video tutorial here: (some parts of the website might look different because this tutorial is being recorded on Testnet, however, the process is the same)

In case you face any issues, feel free to contact us on Discord or Twitter.

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