What are the benefits of minting?
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There are three main benefits to minting a Kaper’s item:

  1. AR Filters - Get exclusive access to the original Kaper’s AR filter through the Fabricant app. For more information on AR filters, check out this section of our helpdesk: https://intercom.help/the-fabricant/en/collections/3880138-the-fabricant-ar-app

  2. 3D Files - Holders will also get access to the Kaper’s 3D Files which you can use to dress your PFP on any compatible 3D software (e.g. CLO3D).

  3. Marketplace Sales - You can also trade your Kaper’s on the marketplace and receive 30% royalties on primary sales, and 85% royalties on secondary sales.

  4. Priority access to future TF drops - As a holder, you will get priority access to future TF drops (presale, discounted prices, etc).

NOTE: Holding a Kaper’s item gives you access to all future drops of The Fabricant, but does not automatically grant access to drops organised by our partners.

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