How to Mint a Look?
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Step 1: Go to The Fabricant website.

Step 2: Click on the Explore button on the Home Page.

Step 3: Click on the Buy Now button.

Step 4: Log in/create your Blocto wallet by clicking on the Connect Blocto button on the popup. For more details on how to setup/create a profile on The Fabricant platform, check out this article:

Step 5: Select the item you want to mint. For the paid items, click on the Buy button underneath the item you want to mint. For the free items, click on the Claim button underneath the item you wish to get. The utilities for the paid and free items differ:

Step 6: Click on the preferred method of payment - you can choose to pay via Bank Card or Pay with Balance (FLOW). To learn more about how to add FLOW to your account, check out this article here:

Step 7: Approve the transaction on the Blocto popup.

Step 8: Congratulations, you've now successfully minted a Look!

Watch the whole process in action here:

(This video was recorded in our Testing Environment, hence some things might look different from Mainnet)

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