There are a number of ways that you can get extra help with your Fletcher Method work.  

1:1 Revise & Rebuild Sessions & Framework Review Calls

Fletcher Method Coach John Stringer offers 90min in-depth Revise & Rebuild sessions or 45min Framework Review sessions.
Feel free to purchase and schedule a session with John HERE.

John Stringer:  

John Stringer is a Mentor, Framework-ologist and Aaron Fletcher's #1 Business Performance Coach. As a Certified Coach in the Fletcher Method, one of the first to earn the honour globally, John is best known for empowering businesses who are serious about success.

The problem is, that businesses are often struggling with something. From feeling stuck, or just plain battered by the ups and downs of everyday business. Maybe overwhelmed by a deluge of Guru’s and ‘fix-it-fast’ propositions, talented people end up simply not working in their natural ‘flow’. It doesn’t have to be this way. Business does not to have to be so hard the only option left is to give up.

Working closely alongside John, you get top-level attention, laser like focus and a quest for uncovering the issues that you need for breakthrough results, and the feel-good factor.

First, he’ll help you with your Foundational Frameworks. If necessary, he will support you re-building them, 1:1, live on-screen if this is what is needed. Then, you’ll dive into his unique 3-stage Signature Solution process, a ‘Done with You’ (DWY) model, that reveals 13 transformations for you and your business as you work alongside him. Often this will happen within 90 days. By focusing on accountability and action, your solution is crystallised. This places you in a position where you are ready to build out your Authority Amplifier Video and start preparing for your funnel build.

John specialises in transitioning, stressed out, burnt out and overwhelmed business owners who are experiencing cash flow that sucks, working insane hours that are relationship draining and living with unhealthy levels of stress. Turning this around into a healthy, vibrant and sustainable business that they can live and enjoy.

The results are nothing short of life changing. He has supported established businesses to convert losses into profits, with ROIs reaching as high as 17 x the amount invested in his DWY program.

For more than 3 decades, John has energised the lives of entrepreneurs across Australia and around the world. With his irreverent sense of humour and straightforward, ‘BS’ Free approach to unlocking business potential, results soon start to flow. As a seasoned high-performance business specialist, he draws on many skills: business diagnostics, project management functionality, financial analysis and risk management, all with the aim of showing his clients how working smarter, not harder can deliver exceptional results.

Praise for John
“John is a man of service, who is there to help you achieve the best results you can achieve.” Jeff Fisher - FM Business Performance Coaching Student

“John is good at getting you to take a step back to look at the bigger picture. He takes you a step back, so you can take two steps forward.” Elite Member Sabine Armbruster

“My biggest mistake was not reaching out to him sooner.” Jeff Fisher

There’s no need to keep struggling and fighting your business challenges on your own. If you’re ready to accelerate your business success, book your free strategy call here -

Certified Coaches

Certified Coaches are members who have been through The Fletcher Method Business Performance Coach certification training. They have had in-depth training on The Fletcher Method Frameworks, have completed coursework and have passed a final test to show their knowledge. 

You can find a list of Certified Partners and their contact information on our directory HERE.

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