The Starter Package is not a database, lead generator, or software (SaaS).

The Starter Package is a pipeline management service operated by humans. Right now, we predominately focus on filling pipelines with public opportunities (RFPs, RFIs, ITBs, RFQs, and so forth).

Over 14+ years of testing, experimentation, and engagement with over 8,000 U.S. agencies has led to this point. Without everything that's included (which you can read more about here), you're merely overpaying or not fully competing. The $299/week subscription (AKA "The Starter Package") ensures that a foundation is established to trim 7-9 months of wasted spending from the equation. Start seriously bidding within 24 hours with the best data available.

What's the secret sauce? How do we tick? We deploy the following:

  • A mini (and more agile) version of a successful corporate team at your disposal

  • A full application of capture management + other best practices

  • A brand new title: RFP Analyst

  • Smart proposal development integrations between roles, teams, etc.

When mixed with a committed partner interested in GovCon over the long-term, anything is possible, even dethroning 30-year incumbents.

Let's Get Started

This rest of this article is written for customers committed to the weekly subscription. If that describes you, congratulations on starting this journey! 🎉

Once you click "Try for Free" and click the blue subscription button, you are taken to a Stripe-hosted checkout page. You can also access it here.

Full Service: You must subscribe to the weekly service ($299/week) in order to start receiving the full package. We recommend using the checkout as displayed above.

  • Alternatively, you can have someone at TKS walk you through the process over the phone, via our chatbot, or through email.

  • Payment is also discussed in more detail here.

After Payment Info is Entered: After payment details are received (billing occurs on the 8th day accounting for the trial), please give our team at least 24 hours to respond back with an invite link to your pipeline. A team member may request additional keywords and/or ask you to finalize keywords based on your industry and service specialities. 

In addition to keywords, which make sense for wide searches, we also want to understand your recent successes, use cases, and documented wins with clients. Selling to the government takes leveraging all of the above.

So you received our email invitation to access your online dashboard (where all bids are kept). Perfect. You are now able to login and see the structure/format of your fresh pipeline. Your screen should look something like this:

Pretty empty, we know. Great things are on the way!

On a daily basis, you can expect our RFP Analysts to add opportunities, fill in gaps, and provide general maintenance, tracking, and so forth.

Configuring the Backend Tool, Look, Display, etc.

If you wish to change any aspect of your pipeline's look or feel, send an email to info@theknowledgestack.co. We can even change from our default (Monday.com) to Trello if preferred.

The First Week (The Trial)

You can find a longer, more comprehensive article written on the 7-day trial here.

Want to completely leverage the subscription to maximum efficiency, even during the trial? Here's how you can ensure your pipeline is at peak health:

  • Talk to us and provide feedback. To do so, simply click on a bid and use the "@" to tag anyone on your account. You can also tag everyone in the board if you so choose.

  • Respond to weekly summaries. We'll even accept (nice) emoji responses.

  • Provide access to your company's Slack channel, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, etc. for seamless engagement and updates.

How We Prioritize Opportunities

We have been estimating how long RFPs will take us (and clients) to complete for decades.

Your business may have limited resources or bandwidth to bid on every opportunity where you are qualified and have a high chance of passing all evaluation rounds. 

If this is the case:

  • We will calibrate our pursuit scouting to insert a more dynamic mixture of RFIs, RFQs, and ITBs, which may take less time.

  • We will target questionnaire-style and digital-form style bids at a greater intensity.

  • We will take deeper dives (boosting our data capture) when appropriate.

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