Before continuing on, if you have never heard of the Bid/No Bid process, it's the standardized method of evaluating a multitude of factors prior to throwing your organization's weight behind winning a bid. It's the stuff that makes up a 'Go' decision.

A comprehensive list of questions to consider is available in PDF format.


For the longest time, I never understood why this process is shrouded in secrecy at most large corporates. Then it later dawned on me that, in this case, it was more of a platform issue.

Visibility and Centralization

When subscribed to our Starter Package, your dashboard is visible to every designated user, but private otherwise. Having everything available, current, and accessible without downtimes, delay, data corruption, etc. is immensely important for us. The more (substantial and valuable) information you have about an opportunity, the better. 


Given the nature of the Starter Package dashboard, fluid conversations about individual bids can occur. Everyone can be immediately notified of any changes, so looping people in later is made redundant. 

Accelerated Learning

Because of this visibility, we see clients learning how to appropriately gauge an opportunity at an accelerated pace. Real partnerships take shape rather than a Yes/No dynamic between us and clients.

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