We will very rarely delete data sourced or compiled by the TKS team while rendering services under the Starter Package.

If your trial ends and we lose contact, then your pipeline will be archived 30 days after the trial end date. Pipelines in our archive can always be brought back online at a later date. 

  • Did this happen to you? If you would like to explore the full service, get in touch with Ken or Jo to flip the switch.

  • Note: you could be placed at the end of our activation queue. 

Other Possibilities

Besides for a trial ending, what other scenarios might affect my pipeline data?

  1. If a client leaves without formally discontinuing the service, meaning not communicating with his/her assigned RFP analyst or anyone within TKS management.

  2. The above scenario would trigger an internal decision whether to pause or archive that client's pipeline.

  3. Abuse, harassment, intimidation, or general unprofessional conduct would be grounds for discontinuation and deletion (in rare instances).

There When You Need It

Scenario One

You discontinue the Starter Package but an agency reaches out to you with questions about your submission, which was only stored in the TKS dashboard (no backups). We will send you/your designee all data pertinent to that opportunity within 24 hours. Multiple recurring requests may be denied by our team. We will not provide follow-up data, analysis, or extra work without reactivation of the service, which may take longer than 24 hours.

Scenario Two

Activity logs are kept for each pursuit for TKS quality assurance. Disputes may require us to read through these logs and conduct an independent analysis; this may lengthen wait times and/or reconciliation. 

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