You've never experienced engagement like this. 

We started building the Starter Package offering with some of the most engaged partnerships as guinea pigs, which really shaped our approach (even at scale).

24 Hours After Your Subscription

New clients (after 11/13/19) will receive a welcome email exactly 24 hours after they have been logged by a team member as 'paid'. 

Subsequent communications/conversations are to be expected in the days after your welcome email arrives. 

Daily Vs. Weekly

Everyone is different. You want us to send a short weekly report via Telegram? Done. You would like a daily presence in your company's Slack channel. You got it.

We shape our engagement strategy and customer service program around preferences and cultures.

A weekly check-in (with substantial items to report, no administrative filler) will be the default mode of engagement unless we are steered towards another mode.

Respecting Your Time/Bandwidth and Respecting Ours

Sending a small business owner 50 bids in one day (which we would never do) and expecting immediate reviews, bid decisions, etc. is completely unrealistic. 

Our company is building out its help desk/support backlog of helpful articles for quick generic questions so that we can focus on executing on your subscription, bringing you real value (unlike a database). We hope articles like these are informative too.

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