Contract requirements make or break a 'Go' decision. A careful outlining of mandatory and recommended specifications must occur with every pursuit in a pipeline.

Our Take

  • Requirements mapping comes standard with the $299/week Starter Package.

  • Requirements mapping takes a trained, patient eye.

  • It's performed over multiple readings, and is never 100% complete by nature of the RFP (as a trimmed version of the total need). 

Custom Mapping

We customize the "map" based on our clients' industry, the agency need, whether bonding is typically required, and so forth.

Our mapping procedures also evolve as needs change.

Gap Analysis

An actively managed pipeline is only as good as the information gaps it can fill. Luckily, we have refined this process (spending the countless hours getting it right) so you can focus on what's important. 

Other considerations:

  • Solicitations are designed imperfectly. 

  • To put the above point differently, gaps exist 99% of the time. This is generally accepted by contractors, which comes at a price.

  • New knowledge that comes from gap analysis is an immensely valuable differentiator.

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