Small business owners have a lot on their plates at times. It takes an extremely organized person with automated tools to be privy to every change a department or issuing agency has to make. And even then, information like dates, times, submission instructions, etc. fall through the cracks.

So when someone misses a deadline, they come to us asking about next steps. Business owners often ask "What are my chances here?". 

If the opportunity is now closed, your chances for acceptance are slim.

US governmental agencies are bound by certain rules and procedures, and following the spirit of a deadline makes up one of those.

However, contractors have a few tools in the toolbox they can use:

  1. They can see the firms that did submit on time.

  2. They can comment if the number of submittals ofter a competitive price for taxpayers (1-2 submissions may not).

  3. They can inquire about the project itself, whether it will need security audits or various other forms of third-party assistance. 

  4. They can submit questions about the agency's pipeline for similar opportunities.

  5. If the solution is known to be highly competitive, then a pilot can be suggested.

You have one other possibility up your sleeve: the closer you are with the bid process, and their actual rule compliance, the better. If any part of their procurement is in refute, or there is evidence that they aren't treating vendors equally, then the deadline could be newly negotiated. 

There may even be a re-issue of the bid. This is the desired result, but carries with it the risk of other firms leveraging that extra time and 'Open' status as well.

In Conclusion

Our Analysts never miss a beat when it comes to updating client dashboards, dates, and times. Once you're subscribed to our $299/week Starter Package, all updates are treated with care so that the above five points are never necessary.

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