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This article will try to cover all of the creative ways to benefit from our $299/week subscription service.

No other bid service is this flexible or customizable. It's necessary when you work with nearly industry and are ROI-focused from top to bottom.

(Taking a big breath and exhaling...) 

Let's go!

  1. While we primarily target public solicitations (RFPs, RFQs, etc.), we can also target grants, options for fundraising, and other vehicles for non-profits or divisions of for-profit enterprises.

  2. We provide capture management for our paying/subscribed clients. However, our clients could also sell this service to their customers. We are accustomed to subcontracting our services out and can meet engagement and deliverable targets as required. 

  3. We do not limit a pipeline to one customer, so multiple partners may use the same subscription. This allows one to divide up the burden of the weekly payment. However, we can only accept payment from one credit card, so burden-sharing will need to occur on the backend.

  4. Backwards-facing, historical surveying. Learn from competitors' proposals and develop a market case.

  5. Use the subscription to mine data, run reports, and perform analysis.

  6. Use documents obtained by FOIA to your advantage at a deeper level. Call your competitors' references. Take note of their past litigation.  

  7. Use our subscription to get prequalified with Fortune 500 companies or to partner/subcontract with firms in your preferred service category or locale.

  8. Want to track pre-RFP activity? We've got this process down.

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