Real thought leadership in the space of capture management/proposal development will not be achieved using writers or English Majors. Content must come from practitioners and experts who regularly apply win strategies, engage with US agency POCs, mull over executive summaries late at night, etc. 

The Knowledge Stack (bid team subscription provider) and InsightBiza (our insights division) work hand-in-hand to develop the most detailed and insight-rich articles possible. We're SMEs for hire. And importantly, SMEs who can write. 

Features & Benefits

Fractionalize Articles or Break Them Into Digestible Pieces

Article topics are divisible and can be consumed in scheduled chunks, or designed to be presented in a social media environment (ie. with character or word limits). We will provide fluid breaks and/or transitions as needed to preserve the quality of the content.

Sell Them Back to Customers
ROI can be achieved in a myriad of ways:

  1. Build a list of thought leadership articles that customers/clients access through a paywall or subscription.

  2. Sell individual articles as one-offs to select clients with specific pain points.

  3. Blend the price of an article into your fee and include one (or multiple) as a supplemental line item. 

  4. Allow customers/clients to "sponsor" articles for increased brand recognition. 

Fresh Topic Recommendations

Once we understand your business, we provide our own topic recommendations. You can either pick from this list or work with our Director (Meryl) to craft a hybrid theme.

Lasting Insights

While we may address contemporary events, every article is a unique product crafted to last the test of time. We do not pull data from questionable or low-quality sources, nor do we rely on one data point for our analysis/synthesizing. 

Getting Started

Our team will respond within 24 hours after a request has been made. We can provide individualized quotes as well. Most turnarounds occur within one week. 

  • No contracts

  • Originality is 100 percent guaranteed

  • Receive a special discount for frequent, consistent, or high-volume requests

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