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In the beginning... we ran 3-day demos for a few interested startups (without requiring payment info) to explore custom, industry-specific pipelines. The demo was treated as a test case, developed with only a few bits of information handed to us. This first iteration of the demo did not work. We think it was flawed for the following reasons:

  • Business owners are busy and can go several days without responding or showing engagement, negating the point of the 3-day exploration.

  • We had several successful pipeline builds and found some extremely viable bids for clients, performed requirements mapping to their liking, sent questions to the purchaser on their behalf, etc. However, some of these businesses never wanted to pay, and kept expanding their scopes.

  • Because the main value highlight is human-based (access to an RFP Analyst whenever you need him/her), the demo did not open enough chance encounters or allow for many "sample" interactions to take place.

We now see more engagement and fewer prospects dropping off with our 2.0 version of the demo, which we're calling a 7-day trial. Let's explore how it works.

The Seven Day Trial

Almost a homage to that holy unit of time and creation, the "Starter Package Trial" is the International Space Station (or ISS) of space exploration and discovery - but for competitive bidding. As a subscription, it revolutionizes access to government and private purchasing entities using the RFP process to source/procure services, technology, products, and more.

All large contract amounts are behind RFPs. This is an unavoidable fact for now.

The 7-day trial achieves the following:

  • Shows your eligibility, comparative strength with frequent bidders, and likelihood to get shortlisted on a diverse range of opportunities.

  • Shows you the nature of some open opportunities, the bid particulars, and gets you accustomed to the language therein.

  • Allows a bidding process to take shape without immediate payment due. You are only charged for the second week of the subscription.

  • Introduces you, your sales team, and other partners to creative tactics within GovCon.

  • A cadence of communication is established with the RFP Analyst assigned to you.

After the trial:

  • Your sourced information, pipeline, etc. stays put. We never delete data from a trial. Obviously, this depends on the longevity of the specific backend platform being utilized, and so we recommend that you export your data to an Excel spreadsheet as a secondary precaution (this is intuitive within Monday). You can read more about the preservation of data here.

  • We'll discuss a path forward and the sourcing/filtering conditions we may need to refine.

  • We can dive deeper into backwards-facing pipelines and other advanced elements of leveraging our team.

A Learning Tool

Because very few startups and small businesses even think about government agencies apart from licensing and taxes, there's a hidden depth to GovCon. Rather than spending months building a team, testing out strategies, and submitting proposals into the dark - we think there's a better way.

The trial teases a new mode of outsourcing bid management. And it does so safely, with ample learning opportunities, and with a team behind it. You can always call us up, request a video conference, or visit our North Hollywood, CA office.

A Pre-Trial Trial?

We understand that traditional trials/run-throughs are sometimes sneaky and make audacious claims. This lends suspicion to and from honest actors. Because the goal is to test your viability with GovCon without wasting enormous time/resources/money, we stand by our trial and only have one available. There is no pre-trial trial option where we send you sample RFPs.

The Next Steps

Scenario One: You want to understand the "Starter Package" on a higher level or have a link to send your business partners/team. Watch this one-minute intro:

Scenario Two: You understand the finer points, but want to see a sample pipeline in action. Go ahead and watch this:

Scenario Three: You're ready to get your spacesuit and count down the launch. Go ahead and sign up via this link: https://buy.stripe.com/cN203w3pj8wpe1WcMM.

Or click here to start.

(requires payment info but the first week is free. Pause or cancel anytime)

Weekly Recaps

Loom video weekly recaps put the subscription into focus and highlight behind-the-scenes activities you may have not seen. These automatically appear in your Friday emails once you're subscribed!

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