Terms Intro

You are free to cancel, pause, or change the frequency of your subscription within reasonable limits.

With that said, consistent pauses and reactivations will not be tolerated by the team and, in some rare instances where the terms are abused or disregarded, you may be banned from the subscription under our discretion.

We wanted to create something truly liberating - NO BURDENSOME CONTRACTS WITH US - where an ocean of possibility thrives. Figuratively. Overusing our time or expecting an unreasonable service scope hurts all of our pipelines.

Pausing the weekly subscription to work on a proposal we have in your pipeline is strongly discouraged due to the realities of purchasing teams, their many expected changes, and the possibility of new questions arising. If you absolutely need to pause to work on a proposal, we ask that you stay connected to the purchaser and manage the communication between the POC and our writers/consultants.

It Kind of Goes Without Saying, But Here We Go Anyway

The terms are quite simple:

  1. Subscriptions come with an onboarding period of one full week, which we have dubbed the 7-day trial. During this period, card charges are paused.

  2. Trials will not be extended. Instead, we will make every attempt to demonstrate the service’s full potential under the time allotted.

  3. Give us a reasonable amount of time to end the subscription, make amendments, or respond to your request. There are hardworking people behind your computer screen.

  4. You agree to use common sense and professional business practices when dealing with TKS.

  5. You agree to give us 24 hours to set up your pipeline and onboard you + whoever else needs permission to the dashboard.

  6. You can cancel at any time by writing to someone at TKS. Send your request here: info@theknowledgestack.co.

  7. Failed payments, expired cards, etc. should be addressed ASAP. A reactivation timeframe may apply (where you're moved to the end of the activation queue).

  8. By using the subscription and working with us, you agree that TKS is not to be liable for any damages or lost revenue (in perpetuity). Recommendations are provided as "best guesses" and are preliminary. Nothing should be construed as direction either way, as we have no control over your business decisions, nor purchaser actions.

Privacy Statement

All data, communications, payment information, and other proprietary/confidential information will remain private and will not be shared with third parties. We will never share or give information to anyone but you. We will also use the most up-to-date forms of encryption and keep best practices implemented organization-wide.

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