Our consultancy and bid approach is pretty unique. Whereas others in this industry are building their solutions around maximizing billable hours, we've designed our subscription around what provides (foundational and utility-esque) value for a reasonable rate.

Because we divide the bid lifecycle into the capture phase and the proposal development phase - layer one and layer two respectively - it isn't always evident what is included or excluded.

What the $299/Week Subscription Includes

Importantly, the flat rate includes an on-demand RFP Analyst. This is a new position created entirely for this offering, but shares some commonalities with 'Coordinators' and 'Capture Specialists' as well.

Having someone on-demand matters because:

  • In some states, such as CA, employers cannot hire someone to be on-demand without paying them a full-time wage. But hiring a third party (TKS) is an exception to this rule.

  • Agencies and other purchasers that actively source through RFPs are always changing requirements, due dates, scopes of work, and other miscellaneous details. Having someone on-demand ensures timely capture of this updated information.

  • Some vendors are required to submit Statements of Intent before a specific time period; Analysts can help submit these, draft the statements from scratch, etc.

  • They can attend pre-bid meetings and take notes, share these notes with the capture team, proposal development team, and others.

(Once we understand your search parameters) The flat rate also includes these critical elements, all performed by the RFP Analyst assigned to your account:

  1. Sourcing, tracking, and mapping requirements for every pursuit in your pipeline's 'Exploration' grouping

  2. Performing viability checks; this involves submitting questions to the purchaser on your behalf to determine eligibility and whether a pursuit has low/mid/high viability

  3. Providing recommendations to justify a go-forward plan

  4. Checking for proposal compliance

  5. Providing post-submission consultation, tracking, NOA timeline estimation, and handling the debrief request and FOIA request, if needed

Lastly, the RFP Analyst will sometimes and infrequently complete form-based requests for you, when needed. Note: This doesn't mean that he/she will write proposals for you under the subscription. Rather, he/she will be available to assist you with the admin side of things: filling in contact information, your LLC name, date of incorporation, and so forth, should you need it in the beginning of our engagement.

If you're unsure whether something counts under the subscription, you can ask us directly or submit an inquiry here:

What Isn't Included

We've worked especially hard to keep the weekly price down for startups, small businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs hoping to have success with GovCon. In so doing - we've refined the process, created a whole new position within our company, and continue to keep things lean. Most add-ons below can be supplied by our team at an hourly rate.

The $299/week subscription does not include:

  • Proposal writing and/or any complex narrative formation; this requires a different type of role, with different training and incentives

  • A quantity-based or numbers-focused pipeline build, whereby you demand a certain number of X bids; we're more focused on pursuing a highly viable shortlist of opportunities with you

  • Lead generation outside of providing your competitor's references in certain circumstances; we're not a lead gen. company

  • A proprietary platform or SaaS

  • Packaging, printing, physical submissions, or "running to FedEx"

  • Lengthy written recommendations or post-recommendation calls longer than 10 minutes

  • Multiple pipelines (created by us or created by you) and multiple capture management campaigns for different companies under one subscription

  • Automatic bid selection and development; we need your input to be successful

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