The idea of syncing clients from across different industries and pipelines is especially salient given the pandemic and cancelled networking events. TKS is also hyper-aware that GovCon breeds partnership and the experience of bidding, competing, and winning is steeped in vendors coming together.

What Is It? Why Should I Care?

TKS Connections (Beta) is a fully managed, unified board that TKS subscribers can opt into. You can move between your private company pipeline and the TKS Connections (Beta) pipeline with ease, opting in/out just as easily. You are not mandated to join or participate.

We are expecting a number of things to happen given a large enough client base that voluntarily opts in:

  • The n+1 network effect is extremely powerful and cannot be overstated. We expect real benefits to come from new networks/connections forming. The nature of these is contingent on participation and buy in.

  • Geographical splintering and regional interests should take shape.

  • New features should become clear, which our team will treat very seriously, implementing any new pipeline features pending review.

  • Dialogue about the wider GovCon space can now take shape.

Beyond this, we're not certain what may happen when you decentralize a client base this way. We're excited to see!

Managing Your Visible Details

Your company name and industry doesn't need to be shown, in fact, you control how your avatar looks, what your title is, etc. We ask that you provide your real first and last name to avoid widespread anonymity, but that's about it.

Trade Secrets

TKS will monitor communication on the board and look out for accidental or planned leaks or distributions of trade secrets. Any shared proprietary information should be done via direct and private channels, and will not be allowed on the public Connections board.

TKS Connections (Beta) Etiquette

We will also monitor messaging and be the ultimate arbiter for allowing certain communications. This will make sure that the space created remains professional, helpful, and free from abuse.

Have suggestions or feedback for how this should work? We'd love to hear it. Please send comments to info@theknowledgestack.co.

Want to opt-in to TKS Connections (Beta)? Instructions will be emailed to you.

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