Development summaries, or end-to-end proposal development summaries, frame how we would approach your unique proposal project. They also contain a quote and define the scope of what is included under that quote.

Length and Format

These can vary, but we try to be as detailed as possible. Sometimes this means a two-pager is needed, and other times, just a quick blurb about the bid. We'll send these in PDF or DOCX formats unless you specify otherwise.

What Happens Before?

Before we craft a development summary/quote, our team first determines if you're eligible to submit on the opportunity. We also seek to determine the following:

  • Flexibility (which can be explored further here)

  • Project expectations

  • Budget of the purchaser or estimated contract value

  • Complexity

The bullets above will impact the project duration on the writing/developing/editing side and thus impact price.

Why This Method?

Every RFX project has a level of variation that needs to be captured and explored prior to discussing cost. There are thousands of nuances and little moments where we need to read between the lines, submit a question, look at previous contracts, etc. before officially starting, and we want to start each project strong. Even when we service ad hoc clients, we're still trying to achieve 40+ data points per opportunity.

The Quote

TKS is proud to be on the low-market end of things when it comes to pricing. This helps justify multiple bid submissions, which increases your chances to win, but it also allows us to show impact with smaller companies that might be trying GovCon out for the first time. We want to welcome more people into this competitive arena, not turn them away.

Our quotes are flat rates and treated like not-to-exceed (NTE) amounts. They are typically valid for 48 hours; beyond this timeframe, we'll need to recalibrate and this may mean increasing the quote.

Our writers and win-focused directors have both subbed for the largest proposal development houses out there and worked for $1B+ corporates. We understand how to accurately time and estimate a project, independent of purchaser type.

The 'Always Included' Pieces

Cover art, graphics and other visuals, one revision, compliance checks, executive overview, and electronic submission. Everything you need for an electronic submission to occur in a compliant and responsive manner.

Physical submissions where we need to print, bind, and package the submission will usually be a $190-$285 add on with reimbursable FedEx costs.

The Kickstarting Invoice

Following receipt and acceptance of the quote, we'll send out an invoice for 50% of the project total. Payment activates the process and we begin.

If you have any questions about your quote, or have questions about an average for your industry, please reach out to info@theknowledgestack.co.

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