Proposal Submission

TKS prefers to submit proposals on your behalf, and we're not afraid to make this known. It comes down to our stringent controls and procedures, which have been put in place after thousands of electronic and physical submissions.

We simply do it better and guarantee a higher success rate of receipt before a deadline.

Points to note:

  • Submitting an electronic file on your behalf is completely covered under the weekly subscription.

  • Submitting a physical submission on your behalf is billed at the normal rate for printing/packaging/shipping plus FedEx costs. Shipping expenses are to be reimbursed. Total costs rarely exceed $300/submission.

Post-Submission Activities

Under TKS's $299/week capture subscription, our internal RFP Analyst does the following after every submission:

  1. Requests an evaluation timeline/NOA

  2. Formally submits a debrief request in narrative form

  3. Calls the purchaser if #2 produces vague or unsatisfactory results

  4. Updates the client's pipeline upon receiving a new status update

  5. (After an award) Submits a pre-FOIA request that allows the purchaser to supply all electronic files related to the bid without a time-intensive FOIA process

  6. (After an award) Submits a FOIA request if #4 is ignored

Follow Ups

Public purchasers are great at releasing schedules/timelines before the RFP deadline, but not accountable to those same dates afterward. Follow ups are critical because they keep the evaluation on track, but vendors often get this wrong. Some contractors believe that they should hear back concerning their bid within a few days; to be treated seriously, you must respect the process or work with a third party (TKS) that does.

Have a question about submission or post-submission activities? Let us know by sending an email to

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