Kickstarting payments for proposal development services are nonrefundable payments. We define the "kickstarting payment" as the first invoice paid for a particular project to begin. These are always 50% of the total cost.

Why? We're a small business and commit several hours to the start of a project. Onboarding you and/or learning about a new procurement (and gathering all items needed to understand the procurement fully) requires subscription costs, employees, overhead, etc. You are also reserving time with experts and this comes with certain expenses; our workflow and strategy is always clear within our development summaries. Thank you for understanding.

Proposal development payments denoted with "2/2" or final payments will never qualify for a refund after the bid due date. We take requests on a case-by-case basis. That said, we understand GovCon can be uncertain at times and we want to work with you if something extremely unusual or aberrant comes up.

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