The packaged development allows for 5X impact and some fixes to where our expertise is applied, making TKS submissions even better.

Why is the 5X packaged development a great value?

"Nothing is rushed, nothing feels rushed. This is about the relationship we're forging together. And that brings results." - Christian Amaraut, Operations Manager

We have been working towards this offering for the past three years, learning what people need to reach the contracting table along the way. All 5X developments are designed from this place of growth and expert position.

We see the benefits boiled down to the following:

  1. One admin information dump and uploading procedure versus multiple redundant moments where we have to 're-learn' your business.

  2. We remove the incentive (from our side) to 'Go!' on a potentially bad opportunity with lower viability. Explorations once the five have been launched are solely on the merits of the contract fit, viability, purchaser type, and estimated budget amount... Not whether we see an invoice paid on our end.

  3. It's great for businesses that do more than one thing. Clients in various service industries that have multiple examples of past performance across their niche will benefit from proposals covering each example/offering. We can simply target a more diverse set of SOW elements. This comes with a caveat: If you're scattered in focus without proven references and high-value examples of sustained excellent service in your secondary or tertiary offerings, we will recommend focus back to what you do best.

  4. The locked-in pricing doesn't expire. This enables everyone to agree on the best five out there without external pressures.

  5. One-offs provide little impact and small invoices are annoyances when you have a million other things to juggle. We have consolidated the dreaded administrative tasks while expanding the possible impact (going 5X).

Some Creative Uses

Other Contracting Modes

Besides for using the bulk engagements as a prime contractor only, you have some creative optionality, including the following:

  • Bid 3X as a prime contractor, 2X as a subcontractor (to distribute risk).

  • Use 1-2 developments towards partnership packages to have larger firms blend your bill rate into their pricing sheets.

  • Use one of the early developments towards an RFI, then use one later on the subsequently issued RFP.

  • Have your last of the five developments be an InDesign template for modification down the road.

Turning It Into a Perk

Gift the 5X development to a subcontractor, protégé firm, or sponsor an incubator with the development opportunities. Turning it into a perk will motivate the best subcontractors to submit their best-and-final pricing, extend availabilities and space in their workflow for you, etc.

Other Possible Scenarios

Each industry and region has different demands, needs, timelines, bidding cycles, and expectations. This makes it challenging to suggest an ideal framework or project schedule for the 5X.

That said, we foresee some common trends:

The Monthly: People think in terms of once-per-month, or each month, even purchasing agents! This could be a good pace for an industry like marketing. That said, nothing should be forced because of the arbitrariness of dates. Your bidding team should be more focused on the contract type and edge required to obtain shortlisting. Leave it to us for suggesting this option.

The Occasional: A more niche industry or solution will likely have more scattered developments, every few months or so. We're limited by the frequency of issued RFPs and the viability they do or do not have.

The Leap Frog (or Orderly Version): The recommended scenario is the orderly leap frog pattern of finishing one first, regardless of the time it requires, etc. This puts time on the lowest rung of importance and quality/focus on the highest. Compare this version with your current bidding practice (if you have one)... What a radical idea! But also, what an opportunity to transform how business is captured.

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