Download the binary for your platform:

For this guide we will proceed with Windows.


  • Create a folder (for example: lobbipad-sync)
  • Copy the binary (ad-sync.exe) to this directory


In the directory you just created, create a file called sync-ad.yaml.
This file is formatted in YAML syntax. It's possible to configure following options:

Required fields

  • ad_address: the address of your LDAP/AD server.
  • ad_user: the user we can use to poll your LDAP Directory (read-only please).
  • ad_password: the password to be used for this user (don't worry, we only use it to login locally).
  • ad_group: this user-group will be synced to Lobbipad (create one in your AD instance or use an existing one).
  • sync_api_token: Lobbipad API token for your account. (see 'Getting the API Token' for more information).

Optional fields

  • ad_telephone_field: the name of the field where you save the mobile number of your hosts in AD, fe. 'cellphone' or 'telephone'. If this is not filled in we can't sync this information.


ad_address: ldap://
ad_user: Lobbipad@Yourdomain.local
ad_password: PasswordForTheReadOnlyUser
ad_group: LobbipadUsers
ad_telephone_field: telephone
sync_api_token: 4KNjWWAQ7OhmAxL407rR

You can copy paste this in Notepad for example. Change the values to match your own AD/LDAP instance. Be sure to use your internal AD user name.

IMPORTANT: When saving this file using notepad, be sure to save as 'all files' and type 'sync-ad.yaml'.

Running the sync (manual)

To run the application, just double click 'ad-sync-win.exe'. 

The sync application will output a sync.log text file with some information of every run. This will allow you to see if the sync was successful, how many entries were found etc. 

Check the to see if all your hosts were added.

Setup a recurring sync

Ensure the script runs every x time (fe. daily). Depending on your system use a task scheduler like CRON (Linux, macOS) or Task Scheduler (Windows).

Run x time a day using CRON/Scheduled task on the host machine. On Windows this is Task Scheduler.

Getting the API Token

  • Go to Lobbipad
  • Login using your credentials
  • Click on 'Settings' -> 'API'
  • After clicking you should see this:
  • Choose a name for this API Key: for example: 'ad-sync' and click 'Create'.
  • After clicking you should see a new entry.
  • The value in 'Token' is the new API Key. Be sure to copy it and paste it in your configuration under 'sync_api_token'.
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