The Record Co. is a 501c3 nonprofit community music workspace on a mission to break down the barriers between music makers and their creative visions. One of the biggest barriers to musical creativity is the high cost of recording, rehearsal, and music creation space. In response, TRC provides individuals and small organizations with subsidized access to our high-quality, state-of-the-art facility.

For sessions funded by mid-sized organizations and institutions with more robust budgets ($2m+ annual operating), we offer the space at a cost equivalent to 3x the subsidized individual / small org rate. In part, this closer-to-market rate enables us to continue supporting emerging music makers and community organizations. In addition, it enables TRC to provide our institutional clients with select additional services including flexible scheduling and dedicated personal booking support to best meet their unique needs.

To learn more or to start booking TRC as an institution please email Matt McArthur at


Individual / Small Org

(operating budgets less than $2m)

Mid-Sized Org / Institutional

(operating budgets greater than $2m)


Small Rehearsal



Medium Rehearsal



Large Rehearsal



Studios C + D

$65 for 4 hours


Studio B

$100 for 4 hours


Studio A

$130 for 4 hours


Production Suite



Community Room




Piano tuning



Staff Assistant

Not Currently Available


3rd Party Gear Rental

Not Currently Available

Cost + 20%

Subcontracting freelance recording engineers

Not Currently Available

Cost + 20%

Sessions outside of TRC operating hours (*requests subject to TRC approval)

Not Currently Available

Staff assistant x 2 ($40/hr) for each hour outside normal operating schedule


How do I know which rate applies to me?

  • If you’re paying for your session personally or if the organization or business paying for your session has an annual operating budget below $2 million then the Individual / Small Org rate applies to your session.

  • If the organization or business paying for your session (for-profit or non-profit) has an annual operating budget of more than $2 million then the Mid-Sized Org / Institutional rate applies to your session.

How do I prove which rate applies to me?

  • Short answer: You don’t. We’re counting on you to self-select into the rate structure that applies to your session(s).

  • Long answer: If your individual-rate session looks like an institutional session and smells like an institutional session it might be an institutional session. With customary TRC-friendliness and our full assumption of your positive intent, we’re probably going to ask you about it.

My project is funded with a grant from a mid-sized or large institution. Which rate applies to me?

  • Great question, this is a confusing one but here’s a simple test:

    • If the grant was awarded to an individual or a small organization (less than $2m annual operating budget) then the individual and small org rate applies.

    • If the grant was awarded to a mid-sized org or an institution (operating budget greater than $2m) then the institutional rate applies.

Can I book both Individual AND Institutional sessions at TRC?

  • Absolutely! We know that music makers transition between working on self-funded projects and institutional collaborations often so our pricing policy is applied on a session-by-session, reservation-by-reservation basis.

    • For sessions at the individual / small org rate: book using your TRC account via our website

    • For sessions at the mid-sized org / institutional rate: contact Matt McArthur at

I’m an institutional user and I want to self-book instantly using the website. Do I have to reach out to the institutional booking team every time I want to book?

  • Short answer: Of course not! Feel free to use your TRC account to submit reservations via and let us know you’re booking on behalf of an institution by checking the “institutional session” box.

  • Long answer: Booking via the website won’t allow you to take advantage of any of the flexible scheduling options available to institutional users. (and we’re super chill, so you’ll be missing out on an opportunity to hang out with us…!) Don’t worry though, we’ll follow up after you submit your reservation to make sure your session goes off without a hitch.

What additional services do I have access to as an Institutional client at TRC?

  • Flexible scheduling (for example recording sessions in increments other than 4 hours)

  • Reservations without a pre-session deposit

  • Post-session billing + corporate AR/AP support

  • Dedicated personal booking support

  • 3rd party gear rental (for example you need a musical instrument or piece of gear we don’t have, we’ll rent it for ya!)

I know TRC is an all-freelance facility and you don’t offer a staff of recording engineers or producers. Will TRC help me find a recording engineer for my institutional session?

  • Short answer: Yes. We can help you find a recording engineer and consolidate billing for their services onto a single invoice.

  • Long answer: Talk to us about this!

Will TRC facilitate catering/hospitality for Institutional clients?

  • We can definitely help coordinate food and other services for institutional sessions. Reach out and we’ll work together to make your session as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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