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How to Request an Event at TRC

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Orientation to Events

As of March 2022, The Record Co. will begin hosting community events and we’re excited to welcome you into the space in a new way!

A large part of our mission as a nonprofit community music workspace is to increase (you guessed it) community amongst music makers and other creatives here in Boston and what better way to do that than to get a whole bunch of people in one room enjoying music and each other’s company at your next event! While TRC will occasionally host our own events (don’t worry we’ll make sure to send you an invite), most events will be put on by you, and to get started all you have to do is submit your event requests for March 2022 and beyond, here.

Your event and your guests are important to us so we will continue to monitor COVID-19, requirements set forth by the City of Boston, and will provide updates to event scheduling and other happenings at TRC should your event be affected.

Still not sure where to start? Chat us on the website or email us at:

How to Request an Event at TRC

Make a TRC account here.

Fill out an event request form.

TRC will get back to you to discuss your event request and begin the planning process.

Fifteen (15) to Twenty-five (25) days prior to your preferred event date you should submit TRC’s event request form. Because of all of the different activities that go on at TRC, we can’t host ALL of the events we’d like to so the earlier you’re able to get in your request the more likely it is to get approved.

TRC Event Timeline

  1. Applicant read through event guidelines

  2. Applicant requests event

  3. teamTRC reviews form within 3-5 business days

  4. If necessary, a meeting is scheduled with teamTRC and applicant to discuss event details.

  5. teamTRC contacts applicant with notice of approval or denial of the event (may provide revisions for re-evaluation).

  6. If approved, a deposit must be made within 24hrs of reservation unless otherwise stated by teamTRC.

  7. TRC reserves the right to schedule additional coordination meetings, if necessary, leading up to the date and time of the event.


*Tiers are decided upon by teamTRC based on your event needs and size.

Individual / Small Org

(operating budgets less than $2m)

Mid-Sized Org / Institutional

(operating budgets greater than $2m)

Event Tier

Tier 3 - small events with low technical complexity.

Price of studio only:

Small Rehearsal - $10/hr

Medium Rehearsal - $15/hr

Large Rehearsal Studio - $25/hr

Studio A - $130 per 4 hour block

Studio B - $100 per 4 hour block

Studios C + D - $65 per 4 hour block

Production Suite - $20/hr

Community Room - $20/hr

Price of studio only:

Small Rehearsal - $30/hr

Medium Rehearsal - $45/hr

Large Rehearsal Studio - $75/hr

Studio A - $390 per 4 hour block

Studio B - $300 per 4 hour block

Studios C + D - $195 per 4 hour block

Production Suite - $60/hr

Community Room - $60/hr

Tier 2 - medium and/or moderately technically complex events.

Price of studio + cost of staff

Institutional Price of studio + cost of staff

Tier 1 - large and/or highly technically complex events.

Price of full-day studio rental + cost of staff

Price of full-day Institutional Price studio rental + cost of staff


TRC Staff Support

$20/hr per staffer

$20/hr per staffer

3rd Party Gear Rental


Cost + 20%

Subcontracting freelance recording engineers


Cost + 20%

Sessions outside of TRC operating hours (*requests subject to TRC approval)


Staff Support x 2 ($40/hr) for each hour outside normal operating schedule

Payment Policy

Payment must be received in full 10 days prior to the event or may be subject to cancellation.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 10 days or more in advance of the event date will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made 9-5 days in advance of the event date, will receive a 60% refund.

Event Locations

Indoor Events

All studios are available for events depending on size and technical needs.

*Booking Events in Studio A:

Studio A, our largest space, is a popular choice for event hosts. Because we want to make sure the space is available to music makers for both events and recording sessions at various times, the following practices are currently in place:

  • No more than 1 event can be hosted in Studio A per day.

  • Studio A is available for Events 1 weekend night per week. (Weekend nights include 4pm-8pm and/or 9pm-1am slots on Friday & Saturday)

  • Events in Studio A cannot be booked on the same weekend night for two consecutive weeks.

    • If an Event is taking place in Studio A on a Friday night, the following week will be unavailable for events on Friday night. Studio A will, however, may be available for events on Saturday night or Thursday night of the following week.

*Exceptions to these policies may be made at the discretion of the Events & Partnerships Coordinator, based on schedule, staffing, and complexity of events.

Outdoor Events

TRC is not currently hosting any outdoor events. Stay tuned...

Storage Policy

  • TRC has limited fridge and freezer storage and is not responsible for any food or beverages that are stored there. Please label well.

  • For more information about seating and furnishings available at TRC please email us at: for more information.

  • All instruments and equipment not owned by TRC must be picked up on the following business day, TRC is not responsible for any items left in the facility.

Alcohol Policy

  • Sale of any alcoholic beverages on TRC property without a license from the city of Boston is prohibited.

  • Beer and wine are allowed for consumption during events at TRC, however, approval is subject to TRC discretion and must be approved before the event date.

  • TRC reserves the right to limit the type of alcoholic beverages and quantity based on event type and size.

  • All attendees over 21 must present a valid ID and will receive a drink wristband prior to entering an event that's approved to serve alcohol.

  • Those checking IDs must be TIPS certified.


  1. What if I don’t want to go through the general event request process and want to book it as a regular session?

    • You can! Just be sure to check the box at the top of the reservation form indicating an event with attendees. This will help ensure you and your guests have the most amazing event possible. With our expertise of TRC’s space and your expertise about your audience and event, we’re an unbeatable team.

  2. What if my event request gets denied?

    • Try try again! Depending on the feedback you receive from our team you may be able to revise your event plans and date. We may have denied it based on studio availability, capacity limits, etc. Contact us with any questions if you're unsure why your event was not approved.

  3. Why do I have to reserve 4+ hours for my event in recording studios when my event isn’t even that long?

    • Recording studios at TRC are booked exclusively in 4-hour increments. The use of recording studios for events must conform to that same scheduling policy.

  4. What are TRC’s COVID requirements related to events?

    • TRC follows CDC and local guidelines for mask-wearing and indoor event guidance.

      1. As of March 5, 2022 mask-wearing at TRC is optional. Event hosts are now free to set their own masking policies for their events.

  5. Do guests have to be vaccinated in order to attend the event?

    • TRC does not require proof of vaccination to enter the facility. Event hosts are welcome to impose their own vaccination or COVID-related requirements as long as those requirements meet or exceed those of TRC.

  6. Are events wheelchair accessible?

    • Yes, all spaces at TRC are wheelchair accessible.

  7. Why can’t I sell alcohol?

    • You can! You must obtain a permit to do so from the city of Boston prior to your event. Learn more here.

  8. Can I bring animals to my event?

    • TRC allows the presence of service animals at events, otherwise best to leave your buddy at home this time!

  9. What if I need to cancel my event?

    • Notify or give us a call immediately! Events canceled less than 72 hours in advance may be subject to cancellation fees/loss of deposit.

  10. What happens if I forgot something/lose something during an event?

    • If your item was found by staff members it will be located in TRC’s lost and found. Please contact the front desk at (617) 765-0155 to retrieve your belongings.

  11. Where do I park?

    • TRC has a parking lot available to all guests by our front entrance in the south parking lot of 960 Massachusetts Ave.

  12. Does TRC manage RSVPs or arrivals/check-ins for attendees at my event?

    • No. That’s on you!

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