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Making a Contribution
Making a Contribution

Learn how to make a contribution to your fund and all of the options available when submitting a contribution.

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This video will walk you through the steps and features of making a contribution to a fund.

How to make a contribution to a fund?


After logging in, click the "+ New Contribution" button in the upper right corner of your Dashboard or Contributions tab from within your fund.


Make sure the fund you wish to use is displaying at the top of the form. Select your funding source. If you do not have a funding source set up, you can choose an option and will be redirected to link an account.


Type in an amount that your wish to contribute into your fund. Do not forget to factor in any fees associated with the selected contribution method and how that may affect your future grant recommendation plans.


Choose the timing, whether a one-time contribution or a recurring series of contributions to be pulled from your funding source at specific recurring intervals.


Select the "Review" button to review all of your contribution details. If all information is correct, click "Submit Contribution."

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