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Making a Recurring Contribution
Making a Recurring Contribution

Set up a series of recurring contributions into your fund on an interval basis of weekly, monthly, bi-annually, and more.

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From your fund’s dashboard or Contributions tab, select the “+ New Contributions” button in the upper right corner.


In the form, choose a funding source and an amount. Then, in the Timing portion, make sure that the “Recurring Contribution” tab is selected (highlighted below). Choose what date you wish the recurring grant series to begin, and choose from the list of repeat interval options. Your amount in the amount line would be automatically contributed at every repetition in the series (i.e. $500 monthly).


Be sure to select an ending date or total number of occurrences you desire for the series. You can also just allow the contribution series to “Never” end if you do not have a specific end date in mind. Then, select “Review” and submit your recurring contribution.

Want to see a video about submitting contributions? Watch here.

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