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Downloading Annual Statements
Downloading Annual Statements

How do I find my annual contribution statement to download?

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Your year-end giving statement or annual contribution receipt can be found in the Documents section of your online fund portal. Please note: contribution statements are associated with the user profile that was logged in when the contributions were made during the year. If you cannot find a statement, try looking for it by logging in under a different account or the account of a different user with a role on the fund. If multiple users on a single fund contributed throughout the year, each user will have their own contribution receipt.

Follow the steps below to navigate to the Documents section of your user profile and access contribution statements for downloading. Once you are logged in, you can also start a step by step tour to the Documents tab by clicking here.


Click on your profile in the bottom left corner from your fund dashboard. Within the profile menu, select 'Profile."


From your profile settings, select the "Documents" tab highlighted below.


Within the Documents section, follow the steps highlighted in the image below.

  • Change the filter to "ALL"

  • Make sure that "Personal Documents" is the selected tab.

  • Under "Contribution Letters," click the dropdown carrot.

  • Locate the "YE" year-end statement and click the black download arrow to download the document to your local device.

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