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How do Card Linked Offers work?
How do Card Linked Offers work?
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Our Card Linked Offers (also called CLOs or Card Linked Rewards) enable you to link your credit and debit cards in the TBC app to earn bitcoin rewards when you shop with eligible merchants.

You can link Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards. Our list of eligible merchants and their bitcoin rewards rates is viewable within the app.

CLOs are stackable with our Online Offers!

Just link your credit/debit card with our CLO program, then use your linked card to shop via an Online Offer - if that brand has both an Online Offer and Card-Linked Rewards, then you'll receive two lots of bitcoin back!

Please note our CLOs are initially only available in the United States. There'll be more countries added over time though!

To take advantage of CLOs, you'll first need to update your TBC app to the most recent version (v0.1.27). After that, follow these steps:

1. On the Home screen, tap "Link now and start earning".

2. Tap "Continue" on the next two screens.

3. Select your financial institution from the list (or use the search bar to find it).

4. Tap "Continue" on the next screen. You'll then be taken to your financial institution's website to link your bank account with Plaid.

5. After linking your bank account with Plaid via your financial institution's website, you'll then be returned to the TBC app. Enter your card details, then tap "Confirm card".

6. View our merchant offers and spend with them using your linked card.

7. Enjoy your bitcoin rewards!

Please note that you will first receive US dollar "pending" rewards. You cannot spend or withdraw pending rewards. These rewards are set as pending due to card transactions taking some time to reach final settlement.

After approximately 60-90 days (ie, when we receive the settled payment from the merchant partner), you will receive "confirmed" bitcoin rewards. Under the hood, we simply take the US dollar rewards you earned and convert them to bitcoin once we've received the settled payment.

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