Making a Post on The Mighty

Share what's on your mind with The Mighty community by making a post.

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Starting a new post

Start by selecting the Post button. This button looks like a pencil inside a circle, and it is located in the center of the site toolbar.

In a desktop or mobile browser, it's the center button at the top of the page:

In the mobile app, it's the center button in the bottom toolbar:

Additionally, on the mobile app you can start a post by clicking "Post a Thought" while viewing a group or a topic.

Post options

Creating a new post on the mobile app (left) and on the desktop browser (right).

Where to post

You have the option to post to The Mighty (visible to everyone) or to a specific group where you are a member.

Where you are posting is visible at the top: "Posting to The Mighty" is default.

To change where you post:

  1. Next to "Posting to The Mighty", click the arrow on the right. This will bring up a list of your groups.

  2. Select the group where you want to post.

  3. Depending on the device you are using, click either "Done" (at the top of the list on the mobile app) or "Choose Audience" (at the bottom on a desktop browser). This will return you to creating your post.

The top will now show which group you have selected, e.g. "Posting to [group name]". You can change this at any time during the post creation process.

Filling in your post

  1. If you want, add a title for your post in the Title field.

  2. If you want, add an image from your device or computer. Posts with images tend to catch the eye and get more engagement.

  3. Write what’s on your mind! Fill in the body of your post in the section labeled Your Thought (on the mobile app) or Your Post (on a browser). This is the only required field.

Tip: Add hashtags! Including hashtags in your post will make it more likely that the people who follow that topic will get to see what you share. In the Your Thought field, start by typing # then type the hashtag you want to use. You can select an existing hashtag or create your own.

Make your post

When you are finished writing your post, adding your hashtags and/or adding an image, select the Post button to finish sharing your thought. On mobile, this button is in the upper-right. On desktop, this button is at the bottom.

Note: If you included an image in your post, it may take a short while for your post to go through as it is being uploaded.

Where to see your post

You'll find your new post in your Profile.

People who follow you and people who follow any hashtags you used will see your post in their Mighty Home feed.

If you post to a specific community, other community members will see your post.

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