Add a Photo to a Mighty Post
Written by Carla
Updated over a week ago

You can add photos to share even more of the story behind your posts.

To post a photo, you simply start creating a post the same way you do now. You'll then choose a photo from your phone and crop to frame the part of the photo you want to share. In this first release, we'll start by supporting one photo per post that's sized at a 4:5 ratio โ€” a size that's especially great for photos taken with your phone in a very Mighty moment.

When creating posts with a photo, the community will still be adding written content before posting. Having written content alongside photos gives viewers a way to understand the post, especially the folks in our community with accessibility needs who can't see the photo that was shared.

Can I post photos without an app?

Unfortunately posting pictures is only available through the app currently.ย 

Because most of the community visit us on mobile (about 85%), we have prioritized our small team to add new features on native apps.

We plan to circle back to the website in the future.

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