Badges on The Mighty:

Medical Expert: A person with a medical certification and/or degree and is currently working in the medical field. This person is qualified to give medical advice to the extent of their title (RN, MD, LMFT, PA, PT, etc.).

  • To receive a medical expert badge on The Mighty, please fill out this form with proof of degree or certification, proof of employment in the medical field and any links to your current work.

Community Leader: A Mighty member who uses their voice and story to consistently support The Mighty community. 

  • To be eligible for a Community Leader position, you must be an active Mighty member (4 posts/month) for at least 1 month.

  • If you’re interested in becoming a Community Leader on The Mighty, please fill out this form

  • Opportunities include being featured in Mighty programs and paid campaigns.

Advocate: A person who is doing prominent work outside The Mighty in the health space they champion and partners with The Mighty on one or more Mighty initiatives. An Advocate may transition to a Community Leader if/when they decide to use their voice, story or work to consistently support members of The Mighty community. 

Roles on The Mighty:

Contributor: A Mighty community member with at least one story that has been edited and published by a Mighty editor. 

  • To submit your story and become part of The Mighty Contributor Network, head here

Partner: A 501 © 3 nonprofit and/or an organization that provides value to the community in a weekly partner program. If your nonprofit is interested in learning about our partner program, please contact If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, email

Organization: A nonprofit or organization that is not in our dedicated partner program, but adds value to the community based on their mission and/or relationship to internal Mighty teams.

Staff: A person who works for The Mighty. 

If your interested in joining the Mighty team, you can find our current job and internship listings here.

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