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Rooms - Overview and FAQ
Rooms - Overview and FAQ
All about Rooms on The Mighty
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Rooms is a new feature on The Mighty, available in The Mighty smartphone app.

What is a Room?

A Room is a conversation feature within groups on The Mighty. It functions similarly to Direct Messages, but a room can include multiple members of a group. A Room provides a more casual space to engage and socialize with your fellow group members.

Where can I find a Room?

Rooms are available in groups. Go to the "About" screen for a group and choose the Rooms tab. (Note: If you do not see the Rooms tab, make sure your app is up to date.)

On, Rooms is one of the tabs at the top of a group page.

Rooms are created and ended by a group leader, so an active Room may not be available at all times.

When there is an active Room in a group, a banner will show at the top of the group's main screen. Tapping the banner is another way to see the available Rooms.

The main screen for a specific Room shows details like the Room's description, a list of current participants, and an option to copy an invitation link to the Room.

How do I enter a Room?

You will need to be a member of the group to enter the Room. On the main screen for a specific Room, use the "Enter Room" button.

Who can create a Room?

Only leaders of the group can create a room and keep it open. If all group leaders leave the Room, then the Room will end and members will no longer be able to participate. There is no limit to how long a Room can be open, as long as a group leader is present.

As a group leader, how do I create a Room?

Before you begin, make sure you have a clear idea about the purpose for the Room, so that members can know what to expect. The following questions are good to consider:

  • Is the Room meant for general conversation, or for discussion of a specific topic?

  • What topics will your group members find the most interesting?

Once you know what you'd like to create, go to the "About" screen for the group and choose the Rooms tab. (Note: If you do not see the Rooms tab, make sure your app is up to date.) Tap the "Create Room" button.

You will see text fields where you can enter the name of the room and a short description. You can also upload an avatar image and a banner image for the room. For the avatar image, a square or vertical image may be best. For the banner image a horizontal image may be best.

Then tap "Save" in the upper-right. The test and images can be edited later. At the bottom of this screen, a leader can also choose to delete the room.

Once a Room is created and a leader enters the Room, it becomes available for members to enter.

What can I do in a Room?

Participants in a Room can type text messages, upload images and react to other members' messages.

Hold your finger down on a specific message to see the options available to you. A reaction can be chosen at the top. at the bottom of the screen there are other options available:

  • Save will store a copy of that message, which can be accessed via the options menu for the Room (see more below)

  • Flag (or Report Message) allows you to report that message to The Mighty moderation team for review. Use this option if you believe the message violates guidelines or The Mighty's Terms and Conditions.

  • Copy will copy the message's content to your device's clipboard

  • Alert Staff allows you to report multiple messages from a Room (up to 5) to The Mighty moderation team for review. Use this option if you believe some of the message violates guidelines or The Mighty's Terms and Conditions. It's okay to include other messages to help moderators understand your concern.

On this list of options, group leaders will also see the "Deny Message" (or "Mark as Sensitive") option. This allows leaders to remove a specific message from view. it will be replaced with text noting that the message violated guidelines. This same text shows when a message is removed from view by The Mighty moderation team.

What can I control about a Room, and how is a Room ended?

A Mighty member can only be in one Room at a time. When you are in an active Room, a banner will show above the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, along with a number noting how many participants are in a Room. Tapping that banner will take you directly to the Room's conversation screen.

The options ("three dots") menu is in the upper-right corner of a Room's conversation screen. Group members have two options here:

  • Saved Messages is where you can find specific messages from the Room that you chose to save. This list will only be accessible to you as long as the Room is active.

  • Turn Message Notifications Off will disable push notifications for the specific Room. Choose this option if you wish to remain in the Room but do not want to be notified about new messages.

On this menu, group leaders also have the End Room option.

What are the rules for a Room?

Members must still follow The Mighty's Terms and Conditions and Community Policy and act appropriately while in a Room. Conduct in a Room is also subject to the guidelines created for the group by the group leaders. Leaders may remove a member from a Room at any time. As with anywhere on The Mighty, any misconduct within a Room can be reviewed and may result in a ban from The Mighty or other disciplinary action.

As a group leader, how do I remove a participant from a Room?

Participants can be removed from the Participants list on the Rooms's main screen. Leaders can use the "Remove" button next to a participant's name.

Messages from a removed participant will remain visible in the Room, and objectionable messages should be denied (removed) one by one, by a leader. Leaders may also wish to report the messages to The Mighty. Use the Flag (Report Message) or Alert Staff options to let The Mighty moderation team know that you have removed the member from the Room, if you report the messages.

Is a transcript of the Room available?

After the Room ends, a transcript of the discussion is preserved. The transcript is available to Mighty staff. In some cases, the transcript may be available to any member of the group. Conversations that need to remain more private should take place in Direct Messaging.

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