Yes! Our system auto-detects the timezone whenever you or your client log in. We will send email notifications and display the calendar and Today's Sessions on the Dashboard according to the detected timezone automatically so you don't have to do any math. Math is hard. :)

All you do is schedule the appointment for whatever time it will be where you are and then thera-LINK will do the heavy lifting of making sure the client's notification is in their proper timezone.

There are occasions when you may have a discrepancy, but those are few and far between. Some of the reasons this might happen could be if you or the client were in one timezone when you scheduled the appointment or logged in last, and then you moved to another timezone but haven't logged into thera-LINK yet to let our system re-detect your new timezone. Another reason could be if your computer clock isn't set to the right timezone or time.

Over all, you shouldn't need to think/worry about timezones while using thera-LINK.

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