Clicking on a client will bring up a client profile page. Client profiles will display a lot of information specific to that client.

On the Profile tab, you'll see phone number, timezone, and address. (Timezone is automatically set based on where the client last logged in from.)

Under the "Providers" section, you'll see what providers a client is assigned to within your practice and their default payment amount per session. If you need to add an additional provider to the client, you can click the +Add Provider. If there's not an "add Provider" option, it means all providers on your account are already added.

The Appointments tab will show you a list view of all scheduled past appointments with that client.

The Sessions tab will show you a list view of all sessions you have had with that client and the ACTUAL start and end time of the session. Sessions only show here if you and the client actually joined the session.

The Payments tab shows a list of payments and amounts from a client. Payments only show here after they've been completed.

The Documents tab shows a list of all files you've shared with the client or that the client shared with you. You can also drag and drop a file here to immediately share with the client plus download past shared files.

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