Once you've scheduled your online session, you'll see it appear on the Dashboard the day of the appointment under "Today's Sessions". 

You'll see a green "JOIN" button appear within plus or minus 2 hours of the start and end time.

To start the session:

  1. Click the JOIN button. 
  2. Check your camera and mic and adjust if needed.
  3. Click START SESSION. 
  4. If your client is already in the waiting room, you'll hear a chime (assuming your volume is up!) like a doorbell and then you will click once to let them in to the session.

If you want to make it so you don't see yourself full screen, you have two options:

  1. Double click the other person's image and it will make them 3/4 of your screen and you will be smaller.
  2. Click the "Hide Self-View" button to completely remove your video. The other person will still be able to see you.
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