As part of our ultimate plan for both groups and individual accounts, you can use your own practice's branding! To do this, just click Practice>Branding from the teal menu item after you log in to your account.

Here, you'll be able to set up a name of your practice (no spaces or punctuation) and it will create a unique URL you can put on your website with a LOGIN button for your clients. This will send clients to your unique login page.

You can see in the example that I put "HeathersPrivatePractice" and then a copy button appears on the right for me to use for my website button.

Scroll down a little further on this page to see the color options:

Most people put in their branding colors specifically using HEX codes. Unsure what a HEX code is? Find one here for your colors.

Or, if that's too much work, simply type in a normal color name like "purple" or "green" and it will update to the common color. 

Now, your teal colors will be replaced by whatever you put in the PRIMARY field and that will happen everywhere you see teal now. 

Change your mind on this? Just go up and slide the button that says "enabled" and it will all go back to the normal thera-LINK branding. :)

Additionally, the emails sent from thera-LINK for appointment reminders and such will come from your PRACTICE NAME that you have set under Practice>settings.

For example, the below emails came from thera-LINK with a practice name Heather's Private Practice.

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